The Omaha World-Herald is a storied institution in Nebraska and the state’s journalistic leader.

We, the frontline journalists of the Omaha World-Herald, take tremendous pride in the journalism we produce — the stories we break, the scandals we uncover, the genuine Midwesterners we cover, the articles, books, columns, videos, photos, radio shows, podcasts, artwork, pages and headlines that capture and connect and make us such a unique place.

Since our newspaper was founded in 1865, we’ve united our state unlike many other newspapers have been able to. Now, it’s time for the journalists of The World-Herald to unite.

Our owner has turned us over to Lee Enterprises, an out-of-state management company. Since the national chain took over two months ago, the company has shown the door to many talented journalists — and encouraged and accepted retirements from journalists who hadn’t planned to leave. Between layoffs and “retirements” over the past month, we saw a combined 200 years of journalistic firepower walk out the door.

We are uniting because we want to preserve and promote Nebraska’s best journalistic outlet — and protect the journalists who make it so.

We, as much as anyone, understand that this is a difficult time for our industry. With this union, we’ll have the power to join management in searching for solutions that keep The World-Herald vibrant and vigilant for our readers for decades to come.

We are asking BH Media and Lee Enterprises to recognize the NewsGuild-Communications Workers of America as our representative and to recognize us as stakeholders in our unceasing mission: to produce the state’s top journalism.

In unity,

The Omaha World-Herald Guild